/ Testimonials
Daria Biancardi, Holy Trinity Church, Willimantic, CT

“I am so happy that I participated in today's workshop! I wasn't at all sure what to expect, and was so glad to listen to Father Jonathan’s engaging presentation. The words I would use to describe today are ‘thought-provoking’ and ‘inspiring’”.

Fr. Anthony Salzman, St. Philothea Greek Orthodox Church, Athen, GA

"We first took the ONCD survey about 2 ½ years ago when, as a parish, we were going through some difficult times.  As in any relationship you have to take a careful look at yourself if you want to grow and heal.  So we decided to take the ONCD survey.  It spelled out for us what it would take to have natural church development and what was preventing that from happening.

The results came back and gave us an objective snapshot of the areas we needed improvement on and so we gathered our committee and set about the task.  The results helped us focus our efforts so that they were specific, targeted and would produce results.  It not only knit us together as a team, but when we retook the survey two and a half years later, the results were tangible.  We had in fact improved in every area substantially and usually in double digits.

This survey should be the hall mark of any community that wants to ensure a healthy dynamic community;  because if the community is healthy it will grow naturally, hence the name. I can’t recommend the process highly enough.  It sure helped and continues to help us.

Orthodox NCD
8 Surdi Place; Babylon, NY 11702